Medina, Saudi Arabia

Medina is the second holiest city in all of Islam because this is the city where the Prophet Muhammad led his followers in order to create the Islamic state and to escape religious persecution from the Meccans. Medina was formerly called Yathrib. Muhammad converted many of the people of Medina to Islam, but had trouble converting the Jews. During his time in Medina he waged war on the Meccans, trying to cut off their routes to Syria. The mosque that was built in Medina contains the tombs of the Prophet Muhammad and his father in law and closest friend Abu Bakr.

Ibn Battuta briefly visited the city of Medina. On his way to the Kaba, he stopped in Medina to admire the Prophet’s Mosque and the tomb of Muhammad. He stayed in the Mosque of the Prophet for his entire visit and read the Quran. He left after four days to continue on his journey to Mecca and the Kaba.

Medina, now ruled by the Saudi government, is still a part of the Hajj to Mecca. Thousands of Muslims every year visit the holy Mosque of the Prophet and his tomb. Medina is located north of Mecca and Jeddah.