Quanzhou is one of the oldest cities in China. It was one of the first places in China to be opened to people from outside China. Due to its proximity to the city of Hangzhou (which was Ibn Battuta’s next stop) the city flourished with travelers. It was also a local port from which spices […]


Like the rest of China, Hangzhou is very old, with evidence of people living there 5000 years ago. The city really developed with the Qin Dynasty (221 BCE- 206 BCE), and it was one of the Seven Ancient Capitals of China [1]. For a period beginning in the 12th century, Hangzhou was the seat of […]


Guangzhou is a very old city in China. Some evidence has been found of people living there as far back as the 11th century BCE [1]. The city has some folklore about its creation. They used to believe that five gods ascended from heaven with five goats and five ears of corn to save the […]