Maragheh (Maragha)

Hulegu Khan, the grandson of Chinggis Khan and son of Tolui, set up his first capital at Khariyat-i-Maragheh in c. 1258. Translated Khariyat-i-Maragheh means “the village of the pastures.” Maragheh was and is still located close to Lake Urumiyeh in Iran; relatively close to the Iranian and Turkish border. Maragheh is located in the region […]


Located in the fertile and well-fortified region of Elburz just south of the Caspian Sea, Alamut was a medieval fortress city inhabited by Nizari Ismaili Muslims. Upset with the Sunni Seljuk governance which dominated the Middle East in their day, Ismailis gradually migrated toward Persia, finding refuge with the Shiite rulers there. Some developed a […]